Little Scoiattolo history started as model AV, drawing #43, in 1950.

It was a very simple boat with a small fordeck, plastic windshield without any rim and an open cockpit with 2 seat rows in mahogany laths. A small outboard engine was connected to a steering wheel of same type as found in small Fiat cars.

First year there was a choice of different outbord engines from 3 – 25 Hp, but from next year Evinrude became the only choice. From 1953 years model the boat was named Scoiattolo and grow 5 cm in width. Evinrude Big twin (25-35 Hp) was now the standard chioce and became so for the rest of the productuion.

From 1955 the boat was lengthened 14cm and got a wraparound windshield, still in plastic without a rim.
Only a few boat remains today.

In production:1950 – 1957
Total #137
Length:4.12 – 4.30
Width:1.45 – 1.50
Engine:Outboard 3 – 35 Hp