Rivadays 2012

Riva Days 170-90-50

This cryptic code reveals a truly ”once in a lifetime” celebration for all Riva lovers!
The founder of the Riva yard, Pietro Riva, came to Lago d’Iseo 170 years ago to fix some fishing boats, and that’s how it all began.
Carlo Riva, the living legend that designed and built the Riva boats that we all relate to when we think of the classic Mahogany Rivas reached the age of 90 years in 2012.
So what stands the ”50” for? Because Carlo Rivas most famous model, the Aquarama, was presented for the first time in 1962!
More then 120 Rivas, with their crew of more than 400 persons from all over the world, joined in Sarnico and Lago d’Iseo to take part in the celebrations, and everyone was happy, except for the weather Gods…