Junior was introduced in 1966 as a replacement for the older Florida. The intention was to create a modern small boat at a resonable price for the younger Riva enthusiast.

What´s special with the Junior is the white painted hull. The boat was also intended as a tender for bigger yachts and then it´s easy to scrape the hull side when you launch the boat from deck. With a painted hull it´s much easier to make it look good again… My own thought is that you can use cheaper wood on the sides and then build a cheaper boat…

The boat was well received by the market and during the 6 years in production more then 600 boats were built. Only minor modifications was done. After one year the hull was extended by 15 cm and in 1968 the bottom got is final form with 10° in the stern and 18° midship. From the beginning there was Stewart-Warner instruments which was changed to VDO in 1967.

The Juniorn was replaced 1972 by the Rudy, an almost exact copy, but built in glass fibre.

In production:1966 – 1972
Total #:626
Length: (m)5.55 – 5.70
Width: (m)2.16 – 2.17
Engine: (Hp)180 – 220